First and foremost, we would like to thank the amazing artists who have enthusiatically taken part on our journey to Outer Space. Without them, Outer Space would just be a space. Thank you thank you thank you:

Alex Olson

Katherine Porter

Matthew Fischer

William J. O'Brien

Maria Antelman

Mark Armijo McKnight

Polly Apfelbaum

Outer Space exists because of the support of so many people helping behind the scenes, and for this we are eternally grateful to:

  • All of the galleries that have worked with us on any exhibitions in Outer Space.
  • Ryan Doherty for his endless patience, dedication, design and construction of all things digital in Outer Space.
  • Ross Normandin for his advice, guidance, and practical support with everything under the sun.
  • Michelle Grabner, whose creation and operation of The Suburban was the initial inspiration for Outer Space.
  • Majed Sabri and Harris Doran for videographing Outer Space.
  • Morgan Karanasio and Mel Taing for documenting the art in Outer Space.
  • Tynan Flanagan for lighting up Outer Space.
  • Maggie Hamilton for decorating Outer Space.
  • Donna Rice, for discovering the space for Outer Space.
  • Richard and Judy Hampe for their support of Outer Space.
  • Charles Costa for painting Outer Space.
  • All of my family, friends, and collegues who have encouraged and suported me.

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